Ke Medical Group Sudden Closure

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Las Vegas Doctor Goldsmith responds to the KE Medical Group Sudden Closure.

Feeling abandoned, alone, and no where to go? Dr. Goldsmith will show you the love!

“Sneaking out in the middle of the night. Lack of notification given to the patients to make alternative arrangements for medical care. “Those KE Medical Group are a bunch of flaky Doctors,” is not how I want my community to view us said Dr. Ivan L. Goldsmith MD Medical Director and Founder of Las Vegas Trimcare Medical and Weight Loss.

I will see anyone stranded without a doctor that needs medical care, script refills, lab work reviewed, xray studies retrieved, and some TLC along with a dose of humanity.

“Don’t count me among these jokers,” said Dr. Goldsmith. These docs know right from wrong. I would be really pissed if I was a patient and given no notice to make arrangements for alternative care and treatment. Hum really sounds like a high-end practice for medical care. Is this what they teach at UCLA?

For an appointment give Doctor Goldsmith a call at (702) 878-8888.

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