Weight Loss Programs

All of the reasons for gaining or not being able to lose weight have some validity, as they all make it harder for you to accomplish your weight loss goals. It is in your best interest to see how you can effectively mitigate them as much as you can; most often, the real cause of weight gain is eating too much food. If you are having problems with hunger control please call us at (702) 878-8888 for a free diet consultation. You need to re-learn how to eat. This will be hard. Your brain has been wired to feel that what you are doing is normal. It is not. The only way to break the addiction or habit, is to stop doing it. We can’t stop eating, but we can learn to eat normally. This will take time and effort. Slow and steady lifestyle changes that are sustainable are your best hope. If you insist on returning to the way you had been eating before your new habits are established, in all likelihood, you will fail in your attempt to recover normalcy.
We offer a free diet consultation call (702) 878-8888. After the free evaluation you will be given an outline of the diet best suited for you and fee for those services; required to meet your goals. Pricing ranges based on specific medications prescribed and anticipated duration of the program to achieve your target weight.
The TRIMCARE™ program utilizes alternative medicines as an adjunct to enhance natural weight loss. These vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other natural ingredients occurring in the human body are necessary for proper conversion of fat into energy and for maintaining healthy balanced body functions. Your health care provider will discuss your individual health risks and specific levels of these alternative medications for your success on the TRIMCARE™ program.






A weight loss plan that you can believe in.For most people today, significant weight loss requires more than just counting calories or making the daily trek to the gym. Often times there are clinical issues that may require specialized medical treatment that often times provides that boost you need to get back on track. Trimcare’s Standard Medical Weight Loss Program may just be that special boost that will help you overcome the many speed bumps in life that may be keeping you from living the healthy life you want and achieving those life changing results that last.

How is this effectively done you might ask? The goal is to attack those common trouble areas that may be inhibiting you from losing those hard to get rid of pounds and those 3 areas are:

  • Appetite Control.
  • Proper Vitamin and Mineral Absorption so the body functions the way it is supposed to.
  • Nutritional Coaching to help improve the quality of your daily food intake.

If you are you ready to really treat your weight loss issues and shed the pounds for good, our Trimcare healthcare professionals understand that how you live your life is just as important as how long you live. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about our preventative and functional medicine treatments are right for you.


Weight Loss Medications:

At Trimcare we use a combination of FDA-approved weight loss medications that can be helpful with not only increasing both speed and amount of weight loss, but also with reducing the sensation of hunger. Weight loss medications are not a substitute for a good diet and exercise program – they are designed to complement the behavioral program.

For most individuals, medications are very safe options that can be added to any of our medically monitored weight loss programs. The medications that we prescribe are generally well tolerated with few side effects.

All weight loss medications work much better as part of a weight loss program including diet and exercise. With food quality being the lowest of all time it is critical to what we eat, our behaviors and our activity levels in combination with the use of these medications to achieve the desired results.

The medications that we generally prescribe for weight loss but are not limited too are:
• Phentermine
• Bontril
• Tenuate
• Topamax
• 5 HTP Carbidopa

What is Phentermine?

Generic Name: phentermine (FEN ter meen)
Brand Names: Adipex-P, Oby-Cap, Suprenza, T-Diet, Zantryl
Oral phentermine Hydrochloride (HCL) is sold for weight loss and is an FDA-approved weight loss medication. It is in the Sympathomimetic family of appetite suppressants (used for the short-term management of exogenous obesity.)
When used in conjunction with diet, exercise, and behavior therapy, phentermine may help you to lose weight while you are learning new ways to eat and exercise.

How does Phentermine work?

Phentermine works by stimulating the hypothalamus gland and affecting certain neurotransmitters to decrease appetite.
The hypothalamus is the region of the brain that controls the autonomic nervous system, regulating sleep cycles, body temperature, appetite, etc.
Phentermine should NOT be used as a substitute for proper diet or exercise. For maximum effects, it must be used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet and/or exercise.
Any modifications in your diet, activity level, and behavior must be developed and continued long-term in order to continue losing weight and prevent the lost weight from returning.

How should I take Phentermine?

Take this medicine by mouth. Follow the directions on the prescription label. While you may take these tablets with water, it is not necessary to do so. Take your doses at regular intervals. Do not take your medicine more often than directed.

Phentermine is usually prescribed for short periods of 3 months, as the effects of phentermine tend to wear off after some time, while side effects remain.

What is Bontril?

Generic Name: phendimetrazine (fen di MEH tra zeen)
Brand Names: Adipost, Bontril, Melfiat
Bontril is used as a short-term supplement to diet and exercise in the treatment of obesity and is used as a diet pill that aims to assist users with the weight loss process. Bontril is an FDA-approved weight loss medication. Like many diet supplements and products, Bontril endeavors to suppress the user’s appetite.

How does Bontril work?

Bontril is basically a sympathomimetic amine (similar to an amphetamine). Bontril stimulates the body’s central nervous system, which supposedly decreases appetite by boosting the user’s blood pressure and heart rate.

How should I take Bontril?

Always follow the directions on the prescription label and from your doctor. It is usually advised that you take this medicine at least 1 hour before eating by mouth with a glass of water. If your doctor wants you to stop the medicine, the dose will be slowly lowered over time to avoid any side effects.

What is Tenuate?

Generic Name: diethylpropion (dye eth ill PROE pee on)
Brand Names: Tenuate
Tenuate also known as DIETHYLPROPION (dye eth il PROE pee on) decreases your appetite. It is used with a reduced calorie diet and exercise to help you lose weight. Tenuate is an FDA-approved weight loss medication.

How does Tenuate work?

Tenuate is also known as an “anorectic” or an “anorexigenic” drug. Tenuate stimulates your central nervous system (nerves and brain), which increases your heart rate and blood pressure and decreases your appetite.

How should I take Tenuate?

Take Tenuate as prescribed by your doctor. Never take Tenuate in larger amounts, or for longer than recommended by your doctor. Tenuate is usually taken once a day in the midmorning and with water.

What is Topamax

Generic Name: topiramate (toe PYRE a mate)
Brand Names: Qudexy XR, Topamax, Topamax Sprinkle, Trokendi XR
Topamax was originally given FDA approval for the treatment of epilepsy. During clinical trials of Topamax, one of the most common side effects was significant weight loss. Since then Topamax has seen a large rise in off-label use for weight loss. While the specific mechanisms of how Topamax brings about weight loss are not fully understood, there are a few accepted effects that it does have on the body.

How does Topamax work?

One side effect of Topamax is that it changes in the sensation of taste due to a reduction of saliva. In some patients, this change in taste may be so severe that they lose the pleasure associated with food, which may lead to weight loss.

Topamax may also reduce leptin present in cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that leads to increased insulin production of which then leads to increased appetite and cravings, and that cortisol can have a significant impact on weight gain or preventing weight loss.

It is also said that Topamax may act on blood glucose and insulin secretion, which can lead to weight loss through ketosis. This is similar to how weight is lost on low-carbohydrate diets, which rely on the body’s fat stores as their primary source of fuel, as opposed to relying on food sources of energy.

How should I take Topamax

Always take Topamax as prescribed by your doctor. You can take Topamax with or without food. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids while taking Topamax and also limit your alcohol intake while on Topamax to guard against aggravated side effects. Also be cautious when performing tasks that require mental alertness such as driving.


Vitamin and Fat Burning Injectables

Often times over the counter (OTC) vitamin and amino acid supplements when taken orally are not well absorbed by the body, thus inhibiting sufficient absorption. Dispensing an injection of these vitamin and amino acid supplements allows for a much larger proportion of these vital nutrients to be introduced directly into the bloodstream. Vitamins and amino acids can have a huge impact on a person’s overall health when utilizing an injection.

Disclaimer***All injectables used at Trimcare are pharmaceutical grade injections. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and any and all injections or products provided by Trimcare  be used along with a complete weight loss program.

Nutraceutical Substances

Nutraceuticals are considered strong vitamins and amino acids that help fight the negatives of getting older, having a huge impact on one’s health and assisting with weight loss. There currently exists a large list of Nutraceuticals available, all offering a large variety of health benefits that aim to keep you feeling great and healthy. The primary nutraceutical compounds that we utilize in our injections at Trimcare include:

B Vitamins

  • B1 – serves to help in carbohydrate metabolism.
  • B2 – helps metabolize fats, carbohydrates and respiratory proteins.
  • B3 – helps release energy from nutrient and can help reduce cholesterol.
  • B4 – used to produce ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate, the energy needed to make muscles contract and a vital process that take place inside the mitochondria of every cell, also known as the cell’s “power plant.”
  • B5 – is an essential nutrient to help with energy and the catabolism of fatty acids and amino acids.
  • B6 – is a vital part of the enzyme system and very important to the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. It is also vital to the normal function of the nervous and immune systems.
  • B7 -more commonly known as biotin, promotes healthy hair and nails along with supporting the metabolism.
  • B12 – normally involved in the metabolism of every cell in the body. Common benefits of B-12 injections include an increase in energy levels and stamina, improved mood, deeper and more restful sleep, reduced stress and a healthier immune system. Vitamin B-12 injections support and increase the rate of metabolism and ensure proper functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Vitamin B-12 deficiency is one of the most common vitamin deficiencies, nearly 75 percent of us fall short of the necessaryB-12 derived from our diet.


Lipotropic Substances

Lipotropic compounds operate by aiding the body in releasing fat in areas that are typically resistant to conventional approaches such as diet and exercise. Lipotropic Injections transport the fat liberating action of these compounds into problem areas of the body that maintain a grasp on those fat molecules. Once the Lipotropic Injections are able to release the fat from fat cells, these potent fat burning aids help the body convert those fat cells into usable energy. Lipotropic injections have also been shown to be a safe and effective way to detox your liver. The primary lipotropic compounds that we utilize in our injections at Trimcare include:



A sulfur-containing amino, that is a nutritional compound with various health benefits, including, reducing inflammation, aiding improving depression, in healthy liver function, relieving pain, preventing excess fat in the liver and body.  Methione also pulls double duty as a potent antioxidant of which helps neutralize toxins in the body.

A member of the vitamin B complex benefits the body by helping to melt away fat deposits.  A lower amount of fat in your arteries equals a lower amount of cholesterol.  In addition, it aids in the metabolism of fats as well as helps control mood and appetite.


A vital substance when it comes to the everyday function of all the body’s cells, brain and nerve function, liver metabolism and transportation of nutrient throughout the body.  Additional functions of Choline include: aiding in nerve signaling, maintenance of cell membranes and transporting fat cells from the liver.


L-Carnitine is a natural and vital nutrient that has is primarily found in meat products. L-Carnitine’s role in the body is to turn fat into energy. It also plays an important role in helping cells make energy. Benefits include improved endurance and daily energy levels, enhanced fat loss and a thinner body shape and structure, lowered cholesterol, reduced fatty deposits in the liver and improved liver function.


L-Arginine can have a significant impact on a person’s natural Growth Hormone production of which may help to increase strength and lean muscle mass, improve sexual function, reduce fatigue, and shorten recovery time. L-Arginine is a substance that the body cannot produce naturally, so by supplementing with it, one can expect an improvement in their physical performance. L-Arginine Injections also encourages vascularity and vasodilatation giving rise to enhanced blood flow in the body, increased nutrient allocation and can help improve sexual function.


Glutamine is a substance that can help prevent muscle break down, promote muscle growth, enhances the immune system, and enhances glycogen storage. The harder the body is pushed, the harder a hit it takes. If L-Glutamine levels in the body are low, there is an increased risk of doing damage to the body. Fortunately, L-Glutamine Injections provide protection from break down of the body and muscles, resulting in less time recovering, improved muscle building potential and a reduced risk of injury. Additionally, L-Glutamine helps the body produce Human Growth Hormone, giving your sports, fitness or weight loss goals a big advantage.


In the body L-Glutathione has a primary goal of fighting against free radicals. Free radicals are one of the largest causes of premature aging and disease. L-Glutathione helps to protect against the “oxidative stress”, the negative consequence of free radicals going unchecked. L-Glutathione’s impact on the body is a plethora of health benefits pertaining to the ceasing of many potential diseases by aiding in the metabolism of toxins. Over time, cells in the body begin to lose their ability to repair themselves and produce strong antioxidants. L-Glutathione also helps to repair damaged cells caused by stress, environmental pollutants or infections.



Trimcare’s prescription HCG program is an exciting program that offers many advantages, including the loss of problematic visceral fat at an accelerated pace. Additionally, the combination of prescription HCG and a very low calorie diet (VLCD) helps to reset your hypothalamus, the area of the brain that controls hunger and satiation, leading to a greater opportunity for long-term success.Our medically supervised program uses prescription HCG, prescription appetite suppressants (if needed),vitamin & lipotropic injections and weekly to bi-weekly visits with a licensed medical provider to guide you through the program. We also utilize a state of the art Bio-Impedance Analysis Scale, made In-Body of measures body fat levels, muscle mass, levels and body water levels.

We offer two programs that are based on the amount of weight you want to lose:

• 20 Day HCG Program and 4-6 weeks of maintenance
• 40 Day HCG Program and 4-6 weeks of maintenance

If you complete the 20 day program and feel that you still have more weight to lose, you can simply enroll for another 20 session at a reduced price. Trimcare’s HCG weight loss program is also broken down into weekly accountability/weigh in sessions that are intended to aid you in optimizing your weight loss success.


Do You Need Help Getting Your Child’s Weight Under Control?While it may be painful to consider a child’s weight as a medical condition, parents have to take the consequences of childhood obesity seriously. Doctors have linked serious health complications and emotional complications to childhood obesity problems. Learn to identify the effects of childhood obesity now, as you work to help your child achieve and maintain a healthy weight and active lifestyle.Identifying the Causes of Childhood Obesity

In order to lower your child’s risk of becoming overweight, it’s important to understand the causes of childhood obesity. While genetic and hormonal factors can be reasons for childhood obesity, the most common causes of obesity in children stem from lifestyle and diet. To put it simply, most obese children eat more calories than they are able to work off.

Sometimes Families Just Need A Little Help

Childhood obesity treatment differs from child to child, and depends largely on the child’s age and overall health. For most overweight kids, treatment focuses on changes to the child’s diet, and level of physical activity, and helping the child control his hunger. Since the food in the house is purchased mainly by an adult, a key part of treating children involves educating the entire family. The behavior of the child must change to affect his or her weight, but the eating behaviors of the family dictate the eating behaviors of the child. For this reason, the entire family must change to insure his or her success.

With the help of a Trimcare Physician the child and their family work together to establish solutions to problem. In the LOSEIT program the parents must commit to actively engaging in the child’s weight loss program, assisting with everything from eating treatment to emotional support or the program will not even commence.

What the LOSEIT PROGRAM stands for and how it works:

L = Learning the Reasons behind your Child’s Eating Behaviors

O = Optimizing Metabolism

S = Steps and Strides (Counting your Daily strides)

E = Everyone in the Family Takes Part

I = Itemize & Identify what you Eat

T =Take Away & Trade Diet (Phase 1-5)


Learning the Reasons Behind your Child’s Eating Behaviors

Learning the behaviors behind your child’s eating habits, the when, where, why and how your children eat and how you can positively change them will help put them on the right path.

O = Optimizing Metabolism

It may be tempting to blame your metabolism for weight gain, but metabolism is simply a natural process. Metabolism is not your child’s enemy. While you cannot easily speed it up there are some simple ways to make it work for your child which will improve their health and assist in weight loss.

S = Steps and Strides (Counting your Daily strides)

Pedometers are given to children and their daily steps and strides are totaled where the goal is to eventually get the children and the family members to 10,000 steps a day.

E=Everyone in the Family Takes Part

Anyone who tries to lose weight needs a support system, children in particular, which is why it is so vital that the family take the journey together. This means re-wiring your family’s daily life and embracing an entirely new attitude around the dinner table. As families who eat together do so much more than lose weight together, they grow together.

I=Itemize & Identify what you Eat

After two weeks of analyzing what your child eats, you should start noticing unhealthy eating habits and patterns. Identifying bad habits is the first step toward developing better habits as a family.

T=Take Away & Trade Diet (Phase 1-5)

Now that you’ve learned the importance of healthy habits, nutrition for kids, physical activity, and supportive family life, it’s time to establish a healthy childhood obesity diet. Healthy foods for children are vital toward helping children reach an optimal goal weight.

The use of the Take Away and Trade Diet focuses on a five-phase plan that slowly transforms the entire family’s eating choices. The five phases use simple substitutions to develop positive diet changes one goal at a time.


Hormone Testosterone Replacement Pellet Therapy Tired? Irritable? Low on Energy? Loss of Sex Drive? Dry Skin? Depressed? TrimCare Hormone Testosterone Replacement Pellet Therapy can help you get your life life back in the following ways: Physically: Overcoming the symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance and insufficiencies are the the first priority. These problems are typically physical in nature and most can be remedied through the use of hormone testosterone pellet therapy. Mentally: You no longer have to live with the fuzzy thinking and poor memory! Testosterone Pellet therapy helps restore the sharpness you once possessed. Emotionally: You no longer have to ride the emotional roller coaster caused by hormonal imbalance or insufficiencies. Pellet therapy creates greater emotional stability, calmness, enthusiasm and an elevated sex drive.
Why do women and men need hormone replacement? TrimCare’s Hormone Testosterone Replacement Pellet Therapy (HRPT) is a system of medical treatment for surgically menopausal, peri-menopausal and post menopausal women. It is based on the idea that the treatment may prevent discomfort caused by diminished circulating estrogen, testosterone and progesterone hormones. Estrogen is a woman’s most important hormone. Without hormone replacement therapy in the early stages of ovarian failure, osteoporosis, heart disease, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, tooth loss, impaired vision, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes. The longer a woman is without protection of her own estrogen, the greater the risk for serious health consequences of these conditions. however, after three years of estrogen deprivation, replacement may not prevent and may actually increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. These are estrogen receptors in a variety of organs throughout the body and brain. That’s why hormonal imbalance produces different symptoms such as a loss of skin elasticity, bone shrinkage, mood and cognitive decline. On the other hand, when estrogen levels rise as they do in the first week of menses, their overall effect is to increase the amount of serotonin available in the spaces between the brain’s nerve cells, which improves mood. Within the brain, estrogen may in fact act as a natural antidepressant and mood stabilizer. It is therefore essential that a woman

Hormone Testosterone Replacement Pellet Therapy Tired? Irritable? Low on Energy? Loss of Sex Drive? Dry Skin? Depressed? TrimCare Hormone Testosterone Replacement Pellet Therapy can help you get your life life back in the following ways: Physically: Overcoming the symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance and insufficiencies are the the first priority. These problems are typically physical in nature and most can be remedied through the use of hormone testosterone pellet therapy. Mentally: You no longer have to live with the fuzzy thinking and poor memory! Testosterone Pellet therapy helps restore the sharpness you once possessed. Emotionally: You no longer have to ride the emotional roller coaster caused by hormonal imbalance or insufficiencies. Pellet therapy creates greater emotional stability, calmness, enthusiasm and an elevated sex drive.
Why do women and men need hormone replacement? TrimCare’s Hormone Testosterone Replacement Pellet Therapy (HRPT) is a system of medical treatment for surgically menopausal, peri-menopausal and post menopausal women. It is based on the idea that the treatment may prevent discomfort caused by diminished circulating estrogen, testosterone and progesterone hormones. Estrogen is a woman’s most important hormone. Without hormone replacement therapy in the early stages of ovarian failure, osteoporosis, heart disease, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, tooth loss, impaired vision, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes. The longer a woman is without protection of her own estrogen, the greater the risk for serious health consequences of these conditions. however, after three years of estrogen deprivation, replacement may not prevent and may actually increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. These are estrogen receptors in a variety of organs throughout the body and brain. That’s why hormonal imbalance produces different symptoms such as a loss of skin elasticity, bone shrinkage, mood and cognitive decline. On the other hand, when estrogen levels rise as they do in the first week of menses, their overall effect is to increase the amount of serotonin available in the spaces between the brain’s nerve cells, which improves mood. Within the brain, estrogen may in fact act as a natural antidepressant and mood stabilizer. It is therefore essential that a woman suffering from premature ovary failure or surgical menopause receive treatment from a HRT physician who both understands the many ramifications of the disease and is willing and able to meet her endocrine and emotional needs.


Testosterone for Men

The androgen group of hormones includes any substance that assists in the development and manages the appearance of male characteristics. The principal hormone in this group is testosterone, an anabolic steroid. Testosterone boosts libido, increases muscle mass, sharpens memory, and can give a large bump up energy. Most men lose testosterone with age as a reported 20 to 40 percent of older men have a medical condition called andropause (male menopause) and are in need of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Andropause and Testosterone

Andropause (male menopause) is basically caused by a decrease in the body’s production of testosterone. As men get older, their overall testosterone production declines by about 2% a year resulting in a shortage. This shortage combined with increasing levels of the Sex Binding Hormone Globulin (SHBG) which reduces a substantial portion of remaining testosterone from working, causes the andropause symptoms (i.e. erectile problems, hair loss, weight gain, low sexual drive). Hair loss in particular is caused by a hormone created from testosterone, dihydrotestosterone or DHT, which when bound to a particular receptor in male hair follicles, causes thinning hair or hair loss.

Low Testosterone: In Need of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

As mentioned, andropause is the end all effect of diminished testosterone levels in the male body. It is responsible for those symptoms of andropause and can actually cause:
• Loss of Body and Facial Hair
• Loss of Muscle Mass
• Hot Flashes
• Brittle Bones
• Increased Breast Size
• Depression
Testosterone Replacement therapy (TRT) can safely return the male body to manufacturing typical testosterone levels.

Finding the Right Dose

While uncommon, there is such a thing as men possessing too much testosterone in the body. This type of thing is mostly seen in steroid use among athletes, where athletes are taking up to ten times the normal recommended dosage that a doctor may prescribe to correct the symptoms of andropause. Symptoms of high testosterone comprise but are not restricted to:
• Low Sperm Count
• Impotence
• Liver Disease
• Aggressive Behavior
• Shrinking Testicles
• Heart Muscle Damage
• Insomnia
• Acne

It can take time to find the right dosage for improving the symptoms of low T. You’ll have to work with your doctor to find the right dosage. However, State-of-the-art blood and urine testing performed at Trimcare can inform you if you possess too much or too little testosterone, and that point, a Trimcare hormone doctor will prescribe a treatment plan to correct and adjust your testosterone levels.

The Solution: Natural Testosterone Replacement (TRT)

The Trimcare anti-aging process always begins with a simple but detailed set of testing that will be used to identify not only the levels of testosterone in your body but also the levels of other vital hormones other hormones be the result of other related symptoms and problems.

If you are low on testosterone or other hormones, your Trimcare affiliated physician will prescribe the proper Testosterone Replacement Program for you! Common treatments include:
• Testosterone creams
• Under the skin pellets.
• Injectables

In addition to that, an individualized nutrition, supplement and fitness program will be recommended to help you maintain your new hormone balance with the end goal of bringing your hormone levels back to the normal range without the need of any replacement therapy. We all know that you cannot turn back the clock but how you age and your quality of life can dramatically improve. Hair loss, low sex drive, erectile problems and a loss of muscle mass can most likely be avoided with the aid of Bioidentical Testosterone Replacement Therapy from Trimcare.

Possible Testosterone Replacement Therapy Side Effects

When used properly testosterone replacement therapy is safe when under a competent doctor’s supervision. Though, like any medication or medical therapy, side effects may occur. Side effects of testosterone therapy include:
• Acne and/or oily skin
• Mild fluid retention
• Breast enlargement (gynecomastia)
• Decreased testicular size
• Decreased sperm count
• Elevated red blood cell count
Testosterone replacement therapy has also been found to stimulate growth of the prostate. Therefore, men who have or have been previously diagnosed with prostate cancer should not undergo testosterone therapy without first consulting with their physician. However, all of the possible symptoms above should not be an issue if kept under the watchful eye of a qualified anti-aging physician and we at Trimcare have been treating patients with Low Testosterone for over 20 years.


What are Hormone Pellets?

The Hormone pellets used at Trimcare, are about the size of a grain of rice, are placed in the fatty tissue below the skin and most closely imitate the actions of both male and female systems with regards to hormone release into the bloodstream.

Hormone Pellets basically contain blends of the hormones estrogen and testosterone. A compounding pharmacist, using strict federal guidelines, compounds the estrogen and testosterone utilized in the pellets that we use in the clinic.

The hormone pellet implantation procedure is easily performed in the office and under 30 minutes.

Effectiveness of Hormone Pellet Therapy?

The goal of Pellet Therapy is to replicate the body’s normal hormonal levels. At Trimcare we have been using Pellet bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with pellet implants for years and have found that patients find it extremely effective. The small rice like implants, placed under the skin, consistently release small, physiologic doses of hormones providing the optimal therapy for each individual.

Unlike typical oral and transdermal forms of hormone therapy – which can produce a “roller coaster effect” on a person’s hormone levels, causing mood and energy fluctuations for the patient – we at Trimcare believe that Hormone Pellet Therapy is the best method of hormone therapy that provides sustained hormone levels throughout the day, for up to 4 to 6 months, without any “roller coaster” effect.

Hormone Pellet Therapy for Men:

Male Testosterone levels begin to decline beginning in their early 30′s. Most men should be tested around 45 years of age. Symptoms of testosterone deficiency in men include lack of mental acuity, fatigue, loss of libido, and difficulty achieving, or sustaining erection and it is never too late to benefit from a possible hormone therapy program.

Pellet Therapy for men will help any individual achieve the sustained levels of testosterone that would normally be produced by functioning testicles. This form of therapy is the only kind that produces the body’s natural level of hormone that men require. Moreover, many studies show optimal testosterone levels in men, have preventative effects for many disease states such as: prostate cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, and many more.

Typical oral and transdermal forms of therapy produce “roller coaster” blood levels of testosterone, which can result in mood and energy fluctuations for the patient. Rollercoaster levels of hormones do not have the same long term benefits as steady state hormone in the bloodstream and that is why Pellet Therapy is untouchable in that regards.

Hormone Pellet Therapy for Women:

In various studies performed, when comparing conventional hormone replacement therapy, to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with pellet implants have been shown to be extremely effective for relief of many symptoms including: irritability, anxiety and mood swings repair of sleep patterns, menopausal symptoms, protection of bone density, and improvement in sex drive, libido, sexual response and performance, relief of depression and many others. Pellet therapy has also been shown to help treat the severity of migraine and menstrual headaches as well as helping with vaginal dryness, incontinence, urinary urgency and frequency, to name a few. Moreover, hundreds of studies show natural testosterone to be HIGHLY PREVENTATIVE against breast cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and dementia, just to name a few.

What if my primary care physician has concerns about the safety and efficacy of pellet implants?

When it comes to your body and health it is all about a patient making an informed choice. Pellet therapy has been researched and developed since 1939 in the US and Europe, there is a myriad of data to support the ‘long term’ safety and efficacy of hormones delivered by pellet implants. Bio-identical hormone Pellet Therapy is currently being used safely in 5 continents and has been studied for 8 decades, not only looking at safety and efficacy  of the therapy but also in the prevention of disease states such as breast cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s dementia, Type 2 diabetes and so many more.

There are hundreds of studies available to practitioners with regards to hormone pellet therapy, unfortunately most do not know where to find them nor take or have the time to research the studies. Knowledge is power in this regard, so if you have questions we at Trimcare encourage you to go out and do your own research if you are questionable on the subject.



HGH Therapy

Is HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Vital?
Plainly stated, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is what gives us our youth, without it, we get old. From the point a person goes through puberty, HGH (Human Growth Hormone) plays an vital role in the healthy growth and maintenance of the body. During the aging process, both men and women experience a decrease in HGH levels, during female menopause and andropause “or often times called the male menopause,” the amount of Human Growth Hormone created by the human body begins to significantly decline. This lack of sufficient HGH production is what creates many of life’s unwanted age related symptoms and diseases.

Are You Someone That Has Low Levels of HGH?

If you are reading this you may be wondering if low human growth hormone is responsible for the changes in how you mentally feel and physically look? Below is check list of common symptoms associated with low levels of HGH. If you have more than 2 or 3 symptoms, chances are you are a good candidate for HGH therapy or possibly our natural growth hormone therapy. Possible HGH deficiency symptoms may include:

Fatigue, Loss of Energy, Muscle Loss, Fat Retention, Diminished Libido, Erectile Dysfunction (ED),Anxiety, Depression, Forgetfulness, Irritability, Inability to Concentrate, Insomnia or Sleep Apnea, Night Sweats, Hair Loss or Thinning Hair, Lack of Motivation and Optimism, Saggy Skin or Cellulite, Achy Joints and Muscles

Benefits of HGH Therapy

HGH therapy simply replaces a vital substance that your body made naturally when you were younger, and still needs and benefits from now. The ultimate goal of HGH therapy is to avert the negative effects of aging early on, so that we can preserve an active and fruitful lifestyle. Many of the symptoms related to a decline in your natural hormone levels can be prevented and even reversed with HGH therapy and if administered properly, HGH therapy is effective, safe and very healthy. HGH therapy is regarded by many as the number one treatment for anti aging. Benefits of HGH therapy include:

  • Improvement in Energy and Vitality
  • Faster Recovery Time From Injuries and Daily Exercise
  • Improved Body Composition
  • Lean Muscle Mass Development
  • Reduction in Body Fat and Overall Weight
  • Nightly Restful Deep Sleep
  • Overall Reduction in Stress and Anxiety
  • Improvement in Immune System Health
  • Increase Strength and Stamina
  • Enhanced Cardiovascular Health
  • Stronger Bones
  • Wrinkle Reduction and Cellulite Improvement
  • Memory and Focus Improvement
  • Improvement in Mood and Outlook on Life
  • Increased Sexual Desire and Performance



Possible Side Effects of HGH Therapy

If administered appropriately and under a Doctor’s prescription and guidance the negatives of HGH Therapy are very rare. Failure to follow the medication directions in the correct way are usually the only treatment issue that may arise. If you follow the prescribed directions of the prescribing Physician almost always results in little to zero risk of side effects. However, because of the high price tag of HGH Therapy, many turn to buying black market or poorly manufactured medications expecting the same results as real HGH Therapy. Other risk factors of black market/counterfeit medications also include expired products, poor quality pharmaceuticals and even toxic additives and mixers.

On top of that, devoid of the supervision of properly trained HGH Doctor, there is no way of knowing the correct dosages to treat low HGH levels correctly and safely. Too high of a dose can shut down the body’s natural HGH production as well as numbness and tingling of the skin, water retention as well as nerve, muscle and joint pain. With the guidance of a specialized hormone Doctor at Trimcare, patients will feel safe knowing that they receive the maximum amount of benefits while all but eliminating any possible negative effects from HGH Therapy.

Does Trimcare Offer HGH For Sale?

Yes, Trimcare offers Human Growth Hormone for sale and we also ensure that that the HGH that we provide for sale is as reasonably priced as possible. Elite Medical Group is an established, reputable and trusted provider of hormone replacement therapy where patients can be sure that they will receive the most effective and reputable brands of HGH available. We strongly encourage patients to only seek HGH for sale under a Physicians supervision and prescription, this assures that the HGH for sale has been produced in a licensed US pharmacy or by a licensed pharmaceutical manufacturer. Brands of HGH offered by Trimcare included:



Get Started Today! Experience the Benefits of HGH Therapy.

By restoring key hormones to an optimum level through Hormone Replacement Therapy, the adverse effects of aging are improved and often reversed helping you to look and feel your best. No longer do you have to live at the mercy of low hormone levels and their impact on your quality of life. Don’t let a completely treatable and reversible condition like low hormone levels spoil the enjoyment of your later years. Millions of men and women experience the symptoms of aging, many of which have benefited by taking action with Hormone Replacement Therapy. Don’t be the one to let it go untreated, GET STARTED TODAY!

Call us for a free private consultation (855.767.0021), your call is completely confidential and no obligation is required, you’ll be glad you did. Prefer information via email? Submit your questions and concerns using one of our contact forms. One of our Physicians or wellness consultants will respond right away.




Natural HGH Replacement Therapy

Comparing Natural HGH Therapy to Traditional HGH Therapy

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a complex protein molecule consisting of 191 amino acids in a single peptide chain. That peptide chain or the 191 amino acids are set to reproduce the natural hormone of the body. HGH that is injected into the body, at this time is being created by recombinant DNA biotechnology methods which only a few pharmacological/drug companies across the globe that are capable of producing, thus making the cost much higher.

Improving Human Growth Hormone Naturally

Human Growth Hormone Therapy (the direct injection of synthetic Human Growth Hormone) has been used for many years and proven effective in thousands of patients throughout the years. However, long term use of HGH Therapy can result in the shutting down of your natural growth hormone production. Another concern with HGH Therapy use is the complicated process that is requires in genetically engineering Human Growth Hormone can make the cost of HGH Therapy way too expensive for most. Fortunately, there are a number of HGH Therapy substitutions which work by increasing the endogenous production (your body producing it on their own) of Human Growth Hormone, creating a safe and effective alternative to expensive HGH therapies.

Natural HGH Therapy (“secretagogues”) or also known as peptides are natural amino acid chains designed to stimulate the pituitary gland to release Human Growth Hormone naturally. Secretagogues initiate the body’s natural processes to produce HGH. These HGH secretagogues are readily available and often manufactured by specialty compounding pharmacies and have only recently become more main stream due to all the available medical studies being performed on them. Among this group of peptides are Sermorelin, GHRP-2, GHRP-6 and Ipamorelin. Each of these new growth hormone secretagogues plays a unique role in stimulating the pituitary gland to secrete HGH in a safe, effective and healthy manner.

HGH vs. Peptides

  Synthetic HGH Therapy HGH Stimulating Peptides (ex. Sermorelin, GHRP-6 & GHRP-2)
Positives/Benefits All the benefits of healthy and normal HGH levels The same positives as HGH, without any of the dangers
 Safety/Efficacy Large risk of possible overdose Very low, to almost zero risk of overdose
  Risk of Tachyphylaxis – rapidly diminishing response to successive doses of a drug, rendering it less effective. No risk of Tachyphylaxis – rapidly diminishing response to successive doses of a drug, rendering it less effective.
  Associated with a range of side-effects Very few if any side-effects, and even when present they are much less severe
Impact on Natural HGH Levels Promotes unnatural prolonged HGH levels Promotes natural release of HGH in a natural pulse like manner
  Can repress the body’s natural HGH production Promotes natural HGH production by stimulating your own pituitary
Impact on the
Pituitary Gland
Can down regulate the body’s pituitary function Stimulates and Supports healthy pituitary function
  Depressed HGH levels usually drop when therapy is ceased Promotes Healthy HGH production for a period even after natural therapy is stopped
 Availability/Accessibility  Controlled substance in the eyes of the law and usually very hard to access legally  Easily available through legal means with a prescription from a doctor
 Cost of Therapy Huge cost ( Upwards of $1000+ per month) Much more manageable costs involved (around $200-$300+ per month)

In addition to Peptides having a much improved efficacy/safety profile, peptides cost considerably less and much easier to obtain Remember that injectable HGH is a controlled substance which means prescription and sale of it is therefore strictly monitored at the state and federal level. When buying HGH on any level if it appears that the purchase is too easy or if the price is too cheap then the odds are that you are not getting real HGH and you run a terrible risk of administering it to yourself. Much of the black market HGH is counterfeit and people usually never know what they are putting in their bodies. However, when comparing Peptides to HGH, peptides are legally and justifiably sold and many doctors offer HGH replacement therapy in conjunction with peptides as an anti-aging and quality of life therapy.

Available Peptides


Semorelin is a first generation synthetic amino acid peptide consisting of the first 29 of 44 amino acids that make up the bodies naturally occurring Human Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH). Sermorelin works by directly stimulating the pituitary gland to release natural Human Growth Hormone. Sermorelin was first created for the treatment of Growth Hormone deficiencies in both children and adults and has made a transition to the anti-aging realm. Sermorelin Therapy offers proven results for adults who seek to reverse the unwelcome negative effects of getting older. Though Sermorelin has been shown to have positive impact on its own, the synergistic effect of combining Sermorelin Therapy with other HGH secretagogues may be much more significant when administering on its own. Sermorelin is a compounded product that can be created in blends and tri-blends with other growth hormone releasing peptides such as GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 to increase its efficacy and successfulness.


GHRP-6 is the abbreviated acronym for Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 6, a synthetic amino acid peptide containing 6 amino acids. GHRP-6 provides a message to the pituitary to begin producing Growth Hormone release while also inhibiting Somatostatin, a hormone that shuts off Growth Hormone release. Throughout the years human Studies have shown significant improvements in overall body composition, muscle growth glucose metabolism, memory and cardiac function and sleep improvement as a result of GHRP-6 Therapy. If the body’s natural HGH production has been inhibited by long term abuse of injecting synthetic HGH, GHRP-6 can help the body in re-activating the natural production of HGH.

Synergy is created when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and in the case of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones (GHRH’s) and Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides (GHRP’s), the synergistic effect of combing them is tremendous. Think of the synergy of Semerolin and GHRP-2 or 6 as (1+1 =3) instead of (1=1 = 2)

The one side effect of GHRP-6 is that it will induce appetite but will not contribute to weight gain. So the person who wants to build quality muscle would be the ideal patient for GHRP-6


GHRP-2 (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 2) a second generation secretagogue is another synthetic amino acid peptide consisting of 6 amino acids. GHRP-2 has been proven to successfully increase the natural production of HGH in the body while at the same time stimulating the pituitary. GHRP-2 has shown to be much more effective, as the time that it stays active in the body is double that of Semorelin. Because of its efficacy compared to some of the other HGH secretagogues, GHRP-2 is widely reflected as an outstanding means of reversing the negative effects of getting older and age. The synergistic effect of GHRP-2 is even greater when administered in conjunction with a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) such as Sermorelin.


Ipamorelin is one of the newest generations of GHRPs, a synthetic amino acid peptide consisting of 5 amino acids. The improvements that come with Ipamorelin have the potential to make some of the other GHRPs obsolete. Ipamorelin Therapy results in a significant release of Growth Hormone by the body, similar to GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 although the time that it stays active in the body is much longer than any of the other GHRP’s. Similar to GHRP-2, Ipamorelin Therapy also suppresses Somatostatin (a hormone that shuts off Growth Hormone release) while increasing the stimulation and release of endogenous Growth Hormone and has no negative impact on the body’s production of cortisol and Prolactin. Compared to other GHRPs, Ipamorelin provides a more drawn out release of Growth Hormone. The more gradual the release of Growth Hormone mimics the body’s natural way of doing so.

Trimcare has partnered with several nationwide compounding pharmacies that are licensed to dispense medications across the entire country and uphold the highest quality standard. In conjunction with offering the highest quality Peptides, Trimcare proudly offers a range of HGH peptide blends depending on your goals and lifestyle. The various therapy blends are listed below:

Defy-Aging Blend

Dose of Peptides: Sermorelin (??mg) & GHRP-2 (4.5mg)

Advantages: Sermorelin and GHRP-2 promote production of human growth hormone.

The Defy-Aging Blend is great for women and men who want to slow and/or reverse the effects of getting older, and increases energy, decreases body fat, improves muscle tone and strengthens bones, joints and connective tissues. Women also notice improvements in Hair, Skin, and Nails. It is the normal recommendation of using this kit for 3 months, and then switching to the Maintenance Kit.

Muscle Building Blend

Dose of Peptides: Sermorelin (3mg), GHRP-2 (4.5 mg) & GHRP-6 (3 mg)

Advantages: The same growth hormone stimulating effect as the anti-aging kit but with the addition of GHRP-6 to help lean quality muscle.

If you are the type of person that would like to add some lean muscle and at the same time lean out and reduce body fat levels, then this is the peptide blend for you. The Muscle Building blend will provide all of the advantages of the defy-aging blend but with more power. This equates to more muscle building with improved exercise and sexual functioning.

Every Day Blend

Dose of Peptides: Sermorelin (3mg) & GHRP-2 (3mg)

Advantages: Allows you to obtain all the advantages of the Defy-Aging Blend or the Muscle Building Blend at a lower price point.

Numerous studies have shown that the benefits of HGH replacement therapy/Peptides therapy are largest when commencing a 6-12 month treatment plan. It was because of this fact that, the Every Day blend was created. As it will allow you to obtain the outcomes reached with the Defy-Aging Blend and the Muscle Building Blend at an affordable price. For a rather small investment per month you can feel the continuing benefits of optimal HGH levels in the body!

Get Started Today! Call us to discuss the Benefits further!

By restoring your body’s vital hormones to an optimum level through Hormone Replacement Therapy, we can effectively slow the adverse effects of aging and help you feel and look younger. No one should have to live at the mercy of low or non-existent hormone levels. Please do not let a condition like low hormone levels spoil your quality of life for the years to come. Men and women all over the world feel the negative symptoms of aging, many of which have taken steps to reverse that fact by taking action with Hormone Replacement Therapy. Please don’t be the person that suffers because he/she goes untreated, GET STARTED TODAY!

Call us to set up a free private consultation (702-367-0808), your visit will be completely confidential and no obligation is required. We do offer our services to patients that are not actually seen by a Doctor. However, if you would prefer information via email? Submit your questions and concerns using one of our contact forms. One of our Physicians or wellness consultants will respond right away.



For women seeking access to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), the Trimcare professionals will assess your needs by means of a completed patient questionnaire for Women, a complete overview of your previous medical history and previous and future lab/blood work. After all are completed, we will determine a customized therapy program that can be specifically created for you.

Benefits of BioIdentical Hormone Therapy

Every person is unique and every person has their own normal hormone levels to deal with and that is why each and every patient at Trimcare will receive a specialized dose to meet their unique needs.  Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and other hormones need to be properly balanced for the best possible health. By working with a Trimcare physician and a licensed compounding pharmacist, you will receive the exact amounts of each hormone that your body requires.

For Women Only

See if these symptoms sound familiar:

  • Night sweats?
  • Forgetfulness?
  • Mood swings?
  • Headaches and heart palpitations?
  • Osteoporosis?  Brittle and frail bones?
  • Weight gain, especially around the mid section?
  • No longer have a desire for intimacy?
  • Family time always revolves around inactive activities such as television?
  • Seem to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere?
  • Not interested in sex anymore?
  • Always hot even though the temperature is cool?

Many women are very aware of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and you may already have an opinion about the subject, however you may have some wrong facts or impressions that we can help clarigy. Most women are more likely to be aware of these symptoms than most men, and because of that women are more likely to try something to improve their health.

Hormones that should Tested

  • Estradiol
  • Progesterone
  • DHEA-S
  • FSH
  • Total Testosterone
  • Free Testosterone
  • Vitamin D3
  • Complete Thyroid Panel
  • Cortisol

When getting your blood drawn it is advised that you attempt to have your blood drawn on cycle days numbering 19-22 if you still have menstrual cycles, otherwise, you may test your blood at any time in your cycle.

Cosmetic Procedures

Please click on the procedures below to find out more information.

Before and After Gallery

✔ Destruction Mechanism of action- induces lipolysis or breakdown of fat.
✔ Diminishes areas that cannot be lost from diet/exercise!
-Stretch marks, fat & cellulite at injection site, tightens skin.
✔  Permanent with sensible lifestyle upkeep
✔  Effective One treatment shrinks area 2-3 inches in as little as 10-14 days, results vary by location treated   
and amount of fat present.
✔  Real Loss Lose inches & pounds of FAT!
-Biospace full body composition scan taken before & after procedure to accurately measure loss.
✔  Real Gain Increases muscle mass and tone, more energy, decreases whole body fat percentage.
✔  Quick and Painless liposuction alternative, non-surgical, safe. Requires no anesthesia and no downtime.


How does it work?
The medications used, work by increasing the production of a natural substance that diminishes fat. It is extremely effective and also boasts significantly less side effects than other medications used, with the most common being skin irritation and mild bruising at the injection site. The technique of using several small injections, increases the microcirculation of the area and stimulates new cell growth.

Why diet and exercise sometimes won’t work?
The development of some fat pockets can be both frustrating when you look in the mirror and hazardous to your health! You risk developing dangerous visceral fat that builds up around your organs. There is no way to lose weight in only one area of your body through diet and exercise. With diet and exercise, you lose weight throughout your entire body and cannot pinpoint areas, this process is called spot reduction. This treatment in no way replaces a sensible diet and exercise plan. It does work extremely well to eliminate those stubborn fat pockets that cannot be lost otherwise and when optimal body composition is already achieved and there are only areas of concern.

How fast will I see results?

Results are seen relatively quickly. Drastic results have been seen in patients after one treatment, in as little as seven days. Of course, time will vary by the area and amount of fat being treated.

Will the results last?
The results will last as long as sensible lifestyle upkeep is maintained. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle and have a poor diet following the procedure, you will gain weight and be subject to fat build up, cellulite as you would with any method chosen for losing the initial weight.

How long is the down time and recovery time?
There is usually no down time or recovery time for this procedure. Most patients can resume regular activities immediately.

Is the treatment painful?
The majority of patients experience minimal discomfort. Ice is applied prior to the procedure and is often described as the most uncomfortable part of the entire process.

What Happens during the treatment?

  • Your measurements and a BIOSPACE total body composition analysis will be taken. Pictures are also taken upon request.
  • The treatment area is numbed and prepped.
  • The medication is injected using a fine needle (size of an eyelash).
  • The time spent injecting is very short and there is little to no down time. Regular activity can usually be resumed immediately.
  • A follow up will be scheduled 7-10 days from the original treatment date.

TRIMCARE’S philosophy has always been to utilize the best practices of both allopathic and alternative or complementary medicine. Countless hours of research and innovation enables us to offer the latest in medical breakthroughs arising from cutting edge research. At TRIMCARE, our mission has always been to enhance wellness,  life expectancy and quality of life through product offerings that encourage patients to participate with us on this journey!


Unretouched photos taken of maximum frown before treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic and taken at maximum frown after treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic at days 2 and 14. The photos featured here are of an actual BOTOX® Cosmetic patient. Individual results may vary.

In clinical trials at day 7, 74% of patients demonstrated none or mild glabellar line severity at maximum frown as compared to 6% in placebo; at day 30, 80% of patients demonstrated the same as compared to 3% in placebo.

Dermal Fillers Content Here


Mesotherapy is a technique pioneered in 1952 by the French physician, Dr. Michel Pistor. Misotherapy is a non-surgical injection technique with a broad range of applications. Mesotherapy promotes the body’s circulatory, lymphatic, and immune system to create a biological response and reverse abnormal physiology. When combined with a weight loss program it produces superior results.Mesotherapy is safe and effective. No Downtime and No significant side effects.*
·Safe and non-surgical
·Natural soy-lecithin enzyme base
·Dissolves fat gradually
·Reduces and even removes cellulite

·Lose two to three inches in two weeks
·Permanently eliminates dimpling and misshapen fat under the skin
Fast Fact: 90% of women have cellulite regardless of shape,size or age!
Unlike surgery, mesotherapy is virtually painless, requires no post-operative recovery time, requires no heavy bandages or girdles, and no anesthesia is necessary. While many surgical procedures require one to two weeks of recovery, patients undergoing mesotherapy have no interruptions in their daily life.

*Individual results may vary

Who can have Mesotherapy? Healthy adults between the ages of 18-75. The physician will discuss your medical situation/medications during your consultation.
How does it work? Using a fine needle (size of an eyelash) the medication is injected into the mesoderm. Just a drop of solution is used at each injection site. The medications destroy the connective tissue bands and melt the trapped fat, creating a smooth, dimple-free appearance.
What is the investment? It varies by number of treatments necessary for the individual to achieve results. You can expect between $250 to $400 per area per visit, however purchasing a package in advance will significantly reduce the cost.

Mesotherapy vs. Liposuction

·Non-invasive procedure
·Removes fat from fat cells
·Used where there is cellulite
·No downtime
·Wear loose clothing after treatment
·Weight gain back where it was lost
·Minimal Bruising and pain
·Surgical Procedure
·Removes Fat Cell
·Cannot be used where there is cellulite
·Down for 2 weeks or more
·Wear restrictive garments for week
·Weight gain back in abnormal places.
·Significant bruising and pain

Acne is a common skin disease that affects people of all ages, especially young adults. Most individuals experience facial acne; however the back, chest, shoulders and neck may also be affected. Although there are many types of acne, acne vulgaris is the most common form, affecting an estimated 85 percent of the population at some time in their life. Acne accounts for more than 2 million visits to office-based physicians each year for 15- to 19-year-olds, but the average age at presentation for treatment is 24 years old. Ten percent of visits are for those 35 to 44 years old.

Acne is formed when an excess amount of dead skin and oil block follicles on the skin. The follicle becomes inflamed which may be seen in the form of whiteheads and blackheads. At certain times of life, this process may become very troublesome, and may be hard to control. But there are ways to treat, control and manage acne.


Not exclusive to teenagers, many young adults, people in their 20′s and 30′s, have trouble with acne that is hard to control. We know there are many acne treatments out there for you to try and it can be overwhelming. If you have moderate acne and are uncomfortable taking antibiotics or are unhappy with your current topical treatment results, BLU-U® blue light therapy – using light without drugs or antibiotics – may be something for you to try.


The BLU-U is a unique blue light that kills the P. acnes bacteria in your skin. Treatments are simple – you sit with your face close to the light for a short time at a schedule set up by your doctor, approximately a 17-minute session about once or twice per week. The treatments may go on for five weeks or so. It’s safe, it’s not hot, it’s not painful. After some weeks, the blue light can help control your acne.

Is the BLU-U a laser?  The BLU-U is not a laser. The BLU-U delivers fluorescent light scattered over a larger area. It also does not emit UV light.

How long is a BLU-U light therapy session? The doctor will prescribe the most appropriate time frame for your acne, but typical sessions last roughly 17 minutes.

AKs – often called “sun spots”— are rough-textured, dry, scaly patches on the skin caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet light (UV) such as sunlight. They occur most often on sun exposed areas such as the face, scalp or ears, and can range in color from skin toned to reddish brown.  They can be as small as a pinhead or larger than a quarter. They generally begin as rough spots of skin that may be easier felt than seen. Common complaints include a lesion that has increased in size or one that is raised, bleeding, poor in healing, discolored, or associated with discomfort such as pain or itching. While a lesion may initially appear skin colored to pink, red, or brown, lesions on darker skin may be more pigmented. AKs may feel soft, rough, or “gritty,” but in any case, they feel different from the surrounding healthy skin.
AKs are seen primarily in Caucasians with pale skin living in sunny climates. Areas of the skin with the most sun exposure, such as the head, neck, forearms, and hands account for more than 80 percent of AKs.

Actinic Keratoses develop as the result of years of sun exposure. Because the effect of sun exposure is cumulative, it is your lifetime exposure that increases your risk. Even if you didn’t suntan much, years of just doing simple tasks outside can add up to significant amount of sun exposures. For example:

  • Going out to the mailbox
  • Playing an outdoor sport
  • Walking the dog

Because AKs take a long time to develop, they generally appear after the age of 40. The American Academy of Dermatology estimates that 60 percent of persons apt to get Actinic Keratoses will indeed get at least one AK in their lifetime.

Your risk of developing AKs increases if you have one or more of the risk factors:

  • A history of cumulative sun exposure
  • Fair skin
  • Blond or red hair, in particular if combined with blue, hazel or green eyes
  • A tendency to freckle or burn after sun exposure
  • A weakened immune system

Since there are many clinical variants of AKs, it is best to consult a dermatologist if you suspect a lesion.


Nothing is quite as beautiful as smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Unfortunately, as we age our skin begins to show the effects of the sun, wind, and time.  Fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes begin to show. Portrait Skin Regeneration now a dramatically different, safe, new treatment called Portrait skin regeneration is available in our practice.  It is unlike any other treatment, available anywhere, performed to reverse the signs of aging.  Portrait is the first and only treatment to be clinically proven to truly regenerate the skin. Portrait results are comparable to more aggressive laser treatments, but with much less down time.  The Portrait treatment continues to stimulate collagen production that has a unique matrix and improves elastin for up to one year, with continued improvement to the skin texture and tone.

_port1 _port2 _port3

Latisse-1LATISSE® is the first and only FDA-approved product indicated to treat hypotrichosis of the eyelashes by increasing their growth, including length, thickness, and darkness. Hear from real LATISSE® patients Watch

Question: How is LATISSE® solution different from other eyelash growth products?

Answer: Only LATISSE® has been approved by the FDA as a prescription treatment to grow eyelashes in people with inadequate or not enough eyelashes.

Question: How does it work?

Answer: LATISSE® is believed to prolong the anagen (active growth) phase 1 The exact way it works is unknown.

Question: How do patients apply the product?

Answer: Patients should be informed that LATISSE® should be applied every night using only the accompanying sterile applicators. They should start by ensuring their face is clean, all makeup is removed, and their contact lenses removed (if applicable). Then carefully place one drop of LATISSE® solution on the disposable sterile applicator and brush cautiously along the skin of the upper eyelid margin at the base of the eyelashes. If any LATISSE® solution gets into the eye proper, it will not cause harm. The eye should not be rinsed. Patients should be informed not to apply to the lower eyelash line. Any excess solution outside the upper eyelid margin should be blotted with a tissue or other absorbent material.

Question: How should patients handle the bottle and applicators?

Answer: Patients should be instructed that the LATISSE® bottle must be maintained intact and to avoid allowing the tip of the bottle or applicator to contact surrounding structures, fingers, or any other unintended surface in order to avoid contamination of the bottle or applicator by common bacteria known to cause ocular infections. Patients should also be instructed to only use the applicator supplied with the product once and then discard since reuse could result in using a contaminated applicator. Serious infections may result from using contaminated solutions or applicators.

Question: What is hypotrichosis of the eyelashes?

Answer: Hypotrichosis is another name for having inadequate or not enough eyelashes.

Question: Who should not use LATISSE® solution?

Answer: Patients should not use LATISSE® solution if they are allergic to one of its ingredients.

Question: Whom should patients tell if they’re using LATISSE®?

Answer: Patients should tell their physician they are using LATISSE® especially if they have a history of eye pressure problems. They should also tell anyone conducting an eye pressure screening that they are using LATISSE® solution.

Question: Are there any special warnings associated with LATISSE® use?

Answer: LATISSE® solution is intended for use on the skin of the upper eyelid margins at the base of the eyelashes. DO NOT APPLY to the lower lid. If patients are using LUMIGAN® or other products in the same class for elevated intraocular pressure (IOP), or if they have a history of abnormal IOP, they should only use LATISSE® under the close supervision of their physician.

LATISSE® use may cause darkening of the eyelid skin, which may be reversible. LATISSE® use may also cause increased brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye, which is likely to permanent.

It is possible for hair growth to occur in other areas of the skin that LATISSE® frequently touches. Any excess solution outside the upper eyelid margin should be blotted with a tissue or other absorbent material to reduce the chance of this from happening. It is also possible for a difference in eyelash length, thickness, fullness, pigmentation, number of eyelash hairs, and/or direction of eyelash growth to occur between eyes. These differences, should they occur, will usually go away if the patient stops using LATISSE® solution.

Question. What are the most common side effects of LATISSE®?

Answer: The most frequently reported adverse events were eye pruritus, conjunctival hyperemia, skin hyperpigmentation, ocular irritation, dry eye symptoms, and erythema of the eyelid. These events occurred in less than 4% of patients.

Question: Is there potential for iris darkening?

Answer: Increased iris pigmentation has occurred when bimatoprost solution was administered. Patients should be advised about the potential for increased brown iris pigmentation, which is likely to be permanent.

Question: What if patients stop using LATISSE®?

Answer: Patients’ lashes are expected to return to their previous appearance over several weeks to months.

Question: Where is LATISSE® available?

Answer: LATISSE® solution is available by prescription only and is distributed by Allergan to healthcare professionals’ offices and retail pharmacies.

Question: Why do contact lenses need to be removed before applying?

Answer: It’s recommended that patients remove their contact lenses because LATISSE® contains benzalkonium chloride (BAK), and this may be absorbed by soft contact lenses. Contacts may be reinserted 15 minutes following LATISSE® administration.

Question: Can patients continue to use mascara while using LATISSE®?

Answer: Yes, patients can use mascara in addition to LATISSE® solution.

Question: How soon can patients expect results?

Answer: It’s important for patients to remember that LATISSE® solution works gradually. While they may start seeing longer lashes after 4 weeks, to reach maximum fullness and darkness, they must use LATISSE®every day for 16 weeks. They should not reduce or stop daily application of LATISSE® when they first notice results, as they have yet to achieve full, dramatic effects. After 16 weeks, they should talk to their doctor about ongoing use. Individual results may vary.

Question: Can patients use cotton swabs or other cosmetic brushes to apply LATISSE®?

Answer: No, LATISSE® should only be used with its FDA-approved sterile applicators, designed to help patients properly apply the product.

Question: What if LATISSE® gets in a patient’s eye?

Answer: It is not expected to cause harm. Patients don’t need to rinse their eye. Reinforce the proper application instructions.


juv12 juv13 juv14




The Restylane Regimen gives you a look that lasts.

What is the Restylane Regimen?It’s a way to help you get the most out of your Restylane treatments. The Restylane Regimen is a treatment plan that involves an initial treatment and a follow-up treatment 4.5 or nine months later. On average, only half the amount of Restylane injectable gel used at the initial treatment was needed to achieve full correction at the follow-up treatment.

Restylane is the only hyaluronic acid dermal filler approved to last up to 18 months from initial treatment of moderate to severe nasolabial folds (lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth) when patients followed the RestylaneRegimen.

With Restylane injectable gel, time is on your side.  At least 95% of patients saw results for up to 18 months when they followed the Restylane Regimen.

In a clinical study treating the lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth (laugh lines), Restylane continued to provide improvement for up to 18 months after initial treatment, when each line received a follow-up treatment at 4.5 or nine months.

Using the Restylane Regimen, patients showed similar improvement, on average, at 18 months compared to their Week 2 Wrinkle Severity Rating Scale (WSRS) score.


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The Treatment Process

Prior to undergoing treatment you will meet a physician who will discuss your quit plan and perform a physical examination.

Treatment Components

  • Your concerns and fears of quitting.
  • The nature of nicotine addiction.
  • The physical, psychological and behavioral aspects of smoking.
  • Withdrawal symptoms and what you can do to cope with them.
  • Your smoking patterns to understand and monitor in order to anticipate and avoid temptation triggers.
  • Stress management strategies like relaxation exercises and positive thinking.
  • Quitting requires attention to both the biology and psychology of smoking.
  • Medically supervised intervention is safe and effective.

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The initial physical and psychological examination will include:
You will need to be driven by someone. The physician will give you oral anti-anxiety medication and perform the injectable treatment. Once home, you will apply the skin patch behind the ear and leave on for three days.
You will be given a prescription for three medications. This helps inhibit the desire for nicotine and minimizes the physical effects of nicotine withdrawal. Buspar and Wellbutrin Skin patch which will need to be filled before you receive the injection Oral anti-anxiety medication for the injectable treatment
You may be asked to return for follow-ups with the physician who will monitor your progress and quit plan.
We will assist you in helping you set a quit date and provide resources on requesting the support of family, friends and colleagues. Tobacco dependence is a chronic condition that often requires repeated intervention to avoid relapse from a physical, social and psychological aspect. These areas will be discussed when developing your quit plan.
The introduction of buproprion (Wellbutrin) and busirone (Buspar) as an aid in smoking cessation is probably a sign of things to come. Better understanding of how smoking influences the brain will probably lead to better drugs to help smokers quit. Buproprion (Wellbutrin) and buspirone (Buspar) illustrate the fact that quitting smoking requires a lot of attention to both the biology and psychology of smoking. As with all options available for quitting, but they have to take the first step and continue to work to keep temptations from undermining their efforts.
Withdrawal symptoms are the physical and mental changes that occur following interruption or termination of drug use. We have prescribed medications to assist in minimizing withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms are normally temporary and are a product of the physical or psychological adaptation to long-term nicotine or drug use, requiring a period of re-adjustment when the drug is no longer ingested. In the case of smoking may include irritability, depression, restlessness, poor concentration and increased appetite.

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 Innovative Care Physicians and Dr. Ivan Goldsmith are committed to providing the highest level of overall health and wellness. With medicine in reverse, a program that helps you get healthy on the inside by also improving the outside, we are here for you every step of the way.

 Program Highlights

  •  An annual comprehensive physical evaluation focused on disease prevention by determining your potential health risks.
  •   Guaranteed same or next day appointments. You will always see Dr. Goldsmith when he is in town. When he is away, his assistants will grant you the same level of access.
  •   No wait time for appointments. When you arrive, we will have a room ready for you.
  •   Appointments will take as long as you need. Stay until all of your concerns are addressed.
  •   The personal cell phone number of Dr. Goldsmith will be given to you when the Agreement is executed. Important medical questions no longer have to wait for an appointment time.
  •   Up to 5 times a year, Dr. Goldsmith will arrive early or stay late to accommodate you at his office.
  •   Prompt and thorough follow-up calls for test results, prescription refills, referrals or any other concern.
  •   Complimentary body fat analysis anytime you request it during a visit.


Program Description

 The Concierge Program is limited to 250 patients. This allows Dr. Goldsmith more time to provide personalized service and convenience. Our comprehensive program emphasizes early detection to prevent major medical conditions before they arise. Some insurance companies cover basic annual physicals but do not cover preventive health programs that provide additional specialized services that last the entire year.

 The perks we’ve added into this program are not covered by any insurance.

 Program Services

 Comprehensive Physical Evaluation

 Each patient will receive an annual physical examination that includes: an individualized health screening, a body fat analysis, disease assessment, health risk factor assessment and have all necessary tests ordered to facilitate the exam. To ensure that overall health is achieved, this examination will be extremely thorough. This examination is included with the program and will not incur any additional costs. The tests and follow up appointments are not included with the examination and will be billed to the patient’s insurance or paid in cash at the time of service.

VIP Access to Your Doctor

 Superior service and immediate access are top priorities. Members will receive appointments for the day they call or the next business day in every case. A room will be waiting for them when they arrive at the office, so there is no wait time. The appointment will not end until you say it is over. You are the VIP, and the Dr. will not rush out to see the next patient. Up to five times a year, Dr. Goldsmith will come in early or stay late to accommodate your schedule. Office hours no longer define available business hours for Concierge patients. If you have a medical question that cannot wait for an appointment, you can call Dr. Goldsmith on his private cell phone number you receive after you sign the Agreement and payment has cleared.

Front of the Line Access

 If you need a referral or a prior authorization for a medication or service, your request is moved to the front of the line. Your wait will only be as long as the insurance takes to make the determination. One of our staff members will coordinate everything for you and reach out to you with the details. We will always consider any request you have including the prescription refills you need a top priority. As soon as we receive the results to any labs or procedures you were sent out for, a member of our staff will call to let you know if a follow-up appointment is needed.

 Weight Loss, Fitness Assessment and Nutritional Analysis

Your covered physical will include a dietary analysis, education on necessary lifestyle changes and dietary modification to optimize your health regime. A body fat analysis will be given when your physical is received. The body fat analysis will be available to you upon request, free of charge (a $20 value), any time you have an appointment. If you book a follow up appointment to the covered physical, we will provide a detailed fitness program designed to meet your individual needs. Although the weight loss program requires paid visits every eight weeks (and cannot be billed to insurance), your added benefits of a complimentary body fat analysis and detailed fitness program will be included with any appointment you request it at.

Medical Insurance Suggestions

 Many services we provide are billable to insurance, with the exception of the diet, anti aging and wellness products and services. We are providers for most of the Major Medical Plans in town. The Program only covers services described in the Program Agreement. Any additional diagnoses, non-program medical services, specialty care, laboratory, imaging, prescriptions, hospital services and more are not covered. They are the sole responsibility of the patient. This program is not designed to take the place of an insurance company. Membership fees cannot be billed to any insurance, but many of the items not covered in the membership can be. All follow up visits to the one covered physical examination will be billed to insurance or the patient if no insurance is provided. Therefore, patients are encouraged to maintain health care insurance. All items that are insurance billable will be provided at a cash discount to those without insurance.

 Membership Fee Options

Dr. Ivan Goldsmith, through Innovative Care Physicians, offers several programs and payment options for Concierge Program members.


Annual Plans

 Individual $2,000.00

Two Family Members $3,500.00

Three Family Members $4,500.00 + $1,000.00 per additional member after three


Quarterly Plans

Individual $550.00

 Two Family Members $925.00

 Three Family Members $1175.00 + $250 per additional member after three

Family members must be from the same immediate family. Children qualify under a parent’s plan if they are between the ages of 15-26. We do not see anyone younger than 15. Patients over 26 must purchase their own plan or may share a plan with a spouse.

 Your plan is effective either three months or one year (depending on the payment option you select) from the date the Agreement is executed. It will remain in effect as long as the next payment is received before the expiration date. If payment is not received by the expiration date or is reversed for any reason, your current Agreement will terminate. A new Agreement must be executed if you wish to continue on the program.

 These prices are guaranteed to remain the same upon renewal for the life of the Agreement as long as the next payment is received before the current period expires. If payment is late, you will be charged the prevailing rate of a new Program member and will need to execute a new Agreement. Space is limited to 250 Patients. Your spot is only guaranteed as long as your Agreement does not expire. Once an Agreement expires, we cannot guarantee your space will still be available when you choose to renew.

 If a family member moves from your plan to an individual plan without a lapse, an individual Agreement will need to be executed. The Program spot will be guaranteed, and the prevailing individual rate at the time the original Agreement was executed will be granted. This also applies to anyone moving from an individual plan to a family plan assuming space is available for the family member being added. Any time a member is added or dropped from a plan, a new Agreement needs to be executed. We will always honor the rate of the Original Agreement as long as there was no lapse in payment or membership.

 As long as payment or membership does not lapse, you can alternate between the annual plan and the quarterly plan as you choose. A new Agreement is not necessary to change the payment plan. We will know which plan you are selecting by the amount you send in.

 For more information regarding payment arrangement or to order a Patient Agreement, please call the Administration office at 702-646-9444 option 4.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Dr. Goldsmith’s Concierge Program differ from other practices?

 Dr. Goldsmith’s philosophy emphasizes prevention and extends beyond symptom oriented medicine.

The Program is limited to 250 patients (unlike other programs who have 650 or more). He is able to offer special benefits and more quality time than providers in typical practices. Program members will receive priority appointments and overall care whether inside our outside of the office. There are not any other programs offered that include an overall wellness approach with VIP service available from a primary care physician, who holds Board Certification in Internal Medicine, Anti Aging and Bariatric Medicine.


Why does Dr. Goldsmith limit the number of Concierge Patients?

 Patients and physicians are frustrated with the current crisis affecting the US healthcare system. Physicians are extremely rushed, since they often see 25-35 patients a day. The average patient must schedule appointments weeks or months in advance only to see the provider for 10-15 minutes after a long in office wait. By limiting the number of Concierge Patients, we are assuring that each member gets the exceptional service we are offering.

Can I bill the membership fee to my insurance?

 The Concierge Program is not covered by medical insurance. While some insurances cover a basic physical, we are providing a comprehensive physical (with items that are more complete than any insurance would cover). It is a covered benefit of the overall program and will never be billed to insurance or the patient (if no medical insurance is on file). All of the other program perks are not benefits of having insurance. Members are encouraged to check with their employer concerning their personal benefits. Some employers have been known to cover programs like this as an executive benefit, since it includes a comprehensive physical. The membership fee(s) may also be reimbursable by cafeteria plans, health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts and/or health reimbursement accounts.

Does Dr. Goldsmith accept insurance for additional services?

 There are a number of products and services we carry that are billable to insurance. We do not bill cash only items to any insurance but will provide billing records to any patient upon request for self submission. Any insurance billable item will be submitted on your behalf as long as we are providers for your medical insurance. The office staff can assist you in determining if we take your plan or if an item is billable to insurance. Please call 702-367-0808 option 0 for more details.

 How do I reserve my spot in the Concierge Program?

 Availability is limited to the first 250 patients who obtain membership. Once these spots have been filled, your name can be placed on a waiting list. Current members have the first right to renewal spots unless their membership lapses. Patients on the waiting list will be contacted in order once members leave their guaranteed spaces. Please contact the Administration office at 702-646-9444 option 4 to discuss possible enrollment.

What happens if my physician is out of town?

 For acute medical conditions, patients are asked to be seen by the Physician’s Assistant. The same level of benefits will be given by the replacement provider. He/she will coordinate your healthcare with your provider.



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Mission Innovative Care Physicians and Dr. Ivan Goldsmith are committed to providing the highest level of overall health and wellness. With medicine in reverse, a program that helps you get healthy on the inside by also improving the outside, we are here for you every step of the way.

Program Highlight

 An annual comprehensive physical evaluation focused on disease prevention by determining your potential health risks.

 Guaranteed same or next day appointments. You will always see Dr. Goldsmith when he is in town. When he is away, his assistants will grant you the same level of access

 No wait time for appointments. When you arrive, we will have a room ready for you.

Appointments will take as long as you need. Stay until all of your concerns are addressed.

The personal cell phone number of Dr. Goldsmith will be given to you when the Agreement is executed. Important medical questions no longer have to wait for an appointment time.

 Up to 5 times a year, Dr. Goldsmith will arrive early or stay late to accommodate you at his office.

Prompt and thorough follow-up calls for test results, prescription refills, referrals or any other concern.

Complimentary body fat analysis anytime you request it during a visit.

Program Description

 The Concierge Program is limited to 250 patients. This allows Dr. Goldsmith more time to provide personalized service and convenience. Our comprehensive program emphasizes early detection to prevent major medical conditions before they arise. Some insurance companies cover basic annual physicals but do not cover preventive health programs that provide additional specialized services that last the entire year.

 The perks we’ve added into this program are not covered by any insurance.



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Travis James Zipper

Travis James Zipper

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Travis James Zipper

Travis James Zipper


Travis James Zipper specializes in guiding clients on a path to a healthier lifestyle based on real food and proper exercise. TrimCare is proud to have Travis on our Las Vegas Diet team!

(702) 878-8888


Bachelors of Computer Engineering Technology from Arizona State University

I.S.S.A. Personal Trainer Certification
I.S.S.A. Nutritionist Specialist
I.S.S.A. Fitness/Exercise Therapist
Crossfit Level I Trainer


Travis’s back to basics approach to health, nutrition and wellness is one that is founded on educating others about how to best care for themselves on a daily basis by eating real, unprocessed foods and incorporating exercise into their daily lives.

Travis can help you to identify your DNA Diet Type, Metabolic Type, provide a detailed meal plan based on the above by first educating you on what foods are optimal for your body and mind and by giving you the ideas and recipes to make the process of creating a new healthy lifestyle that you can stick with.


Whether it is losing weight or getting ready for a fitness competition. My goal is to help you choose the best foods, in the correct portions at the optimal time for obtaining personal wellness. I am here to figure out what works best for you!


Getting started with an exercise program for the first time can be overwhelming, so it is important to listen to your body and stay within your prescribed fitness limitations and most importantly enjoy what you are doing. So designing the proper program, should be custom tailored with the one goal of helping you meet your fitness goals.


“I love the feeling that the gym brings, seeing people’s faces, watching their efforts, seeing their progressions and being in contact with everyone.” ‘When you don’t feel 100%, exercising can be the one thing that can turn the day around.”

I would love to design a program for you, so come in and talk to me about your goals and we will put you on a path to make it happen. If you are willing to put in the work? Call me at (702) 878-8888 ask for Travis!


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